Yuba City Florist

  With those tools we craft and convey your message at Yuba City Florist. We turn that quintessential mix of nature’s beauty and our creativity into a message that tastefully and uniquely expresses your thoughts for a special person or occasion. Long after the flowers fade, the memory we create for you endures.

    Don Covey and Bob Bigham are the forces behind Yuba City Florist, the premier flower and accessory shop in Yuba-Sutter since 1939. They have operated in downtown Yuba City at 669 Plumas Street since 1975.

Don Covey, deceased

    Don, a past president of FTD, manages the office and oversees delivery and sales. He was active in the Yuba City’s Downtown Business Association and the Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce.

 Bob Bigham

     Bob, the creative force, is a master designer with an international reputation. He competed in the world’s top flower design forum, representing the United States in 1985, and judged the 2000 Interflora competition.

     A member of the American Institute of Floral Design, Bob travels the world as an international designer, teacher and competition judge. Audiences for his floral artistry range from the New Year’s Day Rose Parade seen by millions worldwide to political high places and royalty. From the streets of Pasadena, the ballrooms of the White House to the late Lady Di, Bob’s work has wowed crowds.

     Bob teaches throughout the United States, South America, Asia and Europe. He represented 20 nations in a design presentation for the World Congress of Flowers in Hamburg, Germany. Bob has a master’s degree in fine arts from the University of Washington and completed advanced design training under Daniel Ost and Gregor Lersch.

      He represented the United States in competition for top world designer and also has judged world competitions. Bob was the only non-Asian judge for the prestigious Asia Cup Design Competition in Japan.